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Mia; I'm not obsessed with Danielle Claire Peazer who was born June 10th, 1988 in the Chase Farm Hospital and orders Chocolate cream frappaccino double blended at starbucks. +

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Recent Outfits:

Haven’t blogged for a while as I’ve been away but have been taking photos of a few outfits to post now I’m back!

I finally got my hands on a Missguided dress and am so happy with it, it’s a gorgeous colour and I’ll be buying some more soon!

Mules are also back in for SS14 but not sure I’m brave enough to wear them yet so recently bought these half mule, half boots from Matalan for such a decent price.

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everyone has it’s own opinion on Danielle, I obviously don’t agree with that, most people say Danielle’s rude and blah blah but all they noticed were the bad comments about her… I don’t think she ever stopped Liam from doing anything, Liam wouldn’t go out and all of that stuff before because of his kidney and because he was still young, when fame really hit one direction that’s when he started clubbing, and saying Danielle only cared about Liam’s fame is stupid because when they started dating they had no idea they’d be this big and about the fact of Danielle promoting stuff and “shoving liam in our faces” Danielle promoted and still does but I don’t blame her, she gets free stuff even if she doesn’t lots of people want to know where she gets her stuff from so yeah and ofc she’d tweet Liam and be all cute and aksjfhjsdhgvhjs because Danielle always posted everything about her life publicly so 

why wouldn’t she? I’m sure everyone likes to show affection publicly to who you’re dating once in a while (and Danielle got way too many comments saying she was a gold digger ofc she tried to push that image away).

Danielle and his sisters had a great relationship before, Danielle and Andy were friends, same for Mazz and more friends (like Andy’s ex girlfriend) Liam went to Danielle’s friends’ birthday parties and they all hanged around, when Liam filmed this he was hanging with Danielle and her friends and so on… I don’t think Sophiam has anything that payzer didn’t…. 

I could keep ranting about this but it’d be an endless and pointless battle….

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