yooo Danielle Peazer

Mia; I'm not obsessed with Danielle Claire Peazer who was born June 10th, 1988 in the Chase Farm Hospital and orders Chocolate cream frappaccino double blended at starbucks. +

@DaniellePeazer: @ROCKNROSEUK I love these bits I wore on holiday! Especially the Cross necklace and earrings 😍

You know that picture where Dani said "best mirror ever". It was after Payzer breakup I think, and Liam was seen out in public with a girl that seemed to be Dani. Because we saw Dani's clothes in the mirror. Was that really Sophia or?

I honestly don’t know, because that picture looks like Danielle but there’s another one that was taken like in the same week of one of them wearing a white shirt and I’m sure that one’s sophia, but in the red one the girl who was with Liam looks more like Danielle bcs Danielle’s body isn’t as curvy as sophia’s so I don’t know :s

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Yeah black people and mixed people tan Hun. Her friend made that joke that Danielle can't tan, she probably burns. I'm mixed with black and know that a lot of us tan. I tan (get darker) in the summer and lighten up in the winter. Don't worry about what the scientists say. They have some theories not all facts. They can't speak for all people of color.

well thank you haha, maybe it was that… x

Could you post some pictures of Danielle and Liam (Lunis, not Payne)?

@dcp1006Last night in Marrakech…. Top, Skirt, Shoes and Cluth: Zara / Necklace: RocknRose / Cuff: Claire’s Accessories 

why do you hate sophia

I don’t hate sophia, have I ever even said that?

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