these Dani's photos from Las Vegas are originally in 'instagram size' or you're edited them in that size?

that was the original size, why would I even put them in instagram size?!

when is danielle going to LA?

next week

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On the last pic that Danielle posted on IG her face is a bit photoshopped

you can see that it’s an effect she put on the picture not photoshop lol

@dcp1006ZP/DP  @zoe1louise
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@zoe1louiseJoe & the juice kinda day!!! @dcp1006 

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@bprsocialThe lovely @dcp1006 rocking the @oliviaburtonwatches gold and black butterfly watch. Have a dreamy time in LA!
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is danielle in LA?

no, she’s going to the US in a week

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