Hmmm Danielle constantly likes the pics of Andy .... coincidence? I think not ... something's happened between them i'm pretty sure

huh might be, we don’t really know anything so I won’t make suppositions 

Why is everyone talking about a video?? Im so confused

what? where? I haven’t been home so idk?

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Danielle at her hotel in Las Vegas, June 2012

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Do, you have a photo from Dani's 26 birthday party where she's alone..?

when she celebrated with her parents:

and with friends:

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Danielle is my idol but i'm glad that Liam and Sophia are together. Now Danielle can find someone hotter and smarter than Liam!

lol ok but there’s no need to put liam down tho

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I will forever ship Payzer. End of comment

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Where did Liam and Danielle take those adorable black and white iconic Payzer pics that everyone looks at to remember the good old days?

tbh I don’t know :( 

does anyone know? It’s probably in london tho

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